A Snow Day

Friday was a snow day, and since my husband is a teacher, he didn’t have to work. We stayed in bed all day having sex, watching movies, and smoking pot.


Just kidding. Who would want to do that?

Ruby woke up at six as usual, saying that she wanted to eat chicken bones. I cuddled up to her and tried to convince her she was just dreaming about chicken bones since it was still nighttime. This failed.


We got up and ate some leftover chicken. Snow was still falling and it was cold. Playground and driving anywhere were out, and I wondered what to do.

DSC_0171         DSC_0214

Ruby knew how we should start the day.

DSC_0254         DSC_0263

 DSC_0152           DSC_0273


Then I felt a surge of cozy domesticity, so we made a cake. I didn’t quite follow a recipe and the batter was large, and I considered splitting it into 2 cake pans. I chose not to. This also failed, and I ended up scooping out the gooey interior of the cake in order to keep baking it without burning the outside of the cake. It was still good.

DSC_0237         DSC_0244

DSC_0249         DSC_0272

After this, we gathered some supplies, bundled up, and went outside…

DSC_0278  DSC_0282  DSC_0286

To build a snowman.

Then we did the 7 minute workout.

Andrew checked his phone and discovered we had friends who wanted to hang out with us! So we tidied up, got cooking, and invited them over.

DSC_0326         DSC_0320

Ruby found somebody new to boss around.


We ate and drank merrily, and I fell asleep on the couch.

DSC_0349         DSC_0377

We did our snow day right.


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