Three Things I Won’t Miss About Speech Therapy if My Daughter Ever Stops Needing It

1. Getting There (including, but not limited to, keeping a child who stumbles and falls regularly safe on a 12 foot wide subway platform with likely death beckoning from either side, and the friendly, thinly veiled amateur assessments conducted by fellow passengers whose curiosity is peaked by her abnormal speech).

2. Trying to make a kid who has a hard enough time using language in the first place associate certain meaningful words with absolutely meaningless pictures or with pictures that actually depict something other than the word they are used for.




3. Families who send their children to private, $2.50/minute speech therapists and speak to their young child in another language immediately before and after the session. What are we trying to do here, people?

I love Speech Therapy and am deeply grateful to all of the speech therapists who have worked with my daughter. Just sayin’.

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  1. Hi Kristen, I haven’t spoken to you in ages but just found your blog through an article you wrote. It’s great. You may like my blog – all kinds of fun home activities for children with special needs as well as news from my center in Paris. I’m so glad you’ve found a good speech therapist and that Ruby is making progress. I totally hear you on the different languages before and after sessions point – happens all the time at my center! Some families are speaking 3 or 4 languages at home. It can get a little out of control – very difficult for my kiddos who are just learning to speak! Great to see you and your beautiful family online. Keep in touch! 🙂 Alix Strickland

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